LIVE: Rockies Represented in AFL, 11-5-2011

The Rockies, as many fans know, have a strong farm system, with some great prospects in their system.  The AFL, or Arizona Fall League, gives fans who watch MLB in the regular season a chance to see some of the products of the “A” teams around the country. The Rockies have Minor League teams from all over the US, such as the Tulsa Drillers, a team in Nashville, and others. It is not all that often, however, that fans have chance to witness the best players in these leagues, even if they have not been deemed Major-League ready. The AFL are the All-Star players in the minors, on two teams, in a series when the MAjors do not conflict with the games. The Rockies, tonight have several Minor League players on the field, wearing Rockies uniforms, along with a Minor League cap.

The Rockies most known player in the AFL would be Nolan Arenado, a big Rockies prospect. Arenado is playing third base, and doing a good job in the hot corner in a game that full of valuable prospects. Another man in the Rockies uniform is Tim Wheeler, who is a prospect the Rockies may use in the future.  Wheeler has been playing Left field for the East, the second Rockies uniform on the field. For the Rockies, games such as these are important, as they look to find young players to support them in the Majors. A moment ago, pitcher Bob Schahill, a Rockies Prospect, was on the mound, and has come out of the seventh inning, one-two-three.

The AFL games are between the East and West Teams, with the Rockies prospects, Arenado and Tim Wheeler playing for the East Side. Currently, unfortunately for the Rockies Prospects, they are on the trailing side of the game, losing 2-11, against a great hitting West Team. Arenado has not recorded a hit for himself tonight, going 0 for 3. The East has had a difficult time, facing some controlling pitchers, and giving up some costly hits. Tim Wheeler, on the other hand has gone 1 for three, with a game .333 batting average, and a season .238 Average, not ideal in the minors. Schahill, a Rockies RHP Prospect just pitched a three-up three-down inning, retiring Nick Franklin, who has gone 4 for five, with a .800 game batting average.

Overall, despite the most likely inevitable loss for the East Team, and therefore some Rockies Prospects, these games are a opppotunity for teams to feature some of their great prospects, and give some fans a reason to watch baseball in November.


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