Goodbye rockiesatmosphere

Since the Rockies News Blog started, one of our authors, rockiesatmosphere has posted many times. Today the Rockies News Blog is making the announcement that rockiesatmosphere, will be leaving the blog. rockiesatmosphere (as his name shows) has always been a Rockies fan,but is also a big fan of other teams, and interested in the entire MLB, and its amazing history. Because of this deep knowledge and love for the wonderful sport of baseball, rockiesatmosphere has decided to start a new blog, the Around the Majors MLBlog.On this blog, which covers all of MLB, rockiesatmosphere will write many reports on events around MLB, and the Rockies 🙂 . The last two posts rockiesatmosphere made were actually from the Around the Majors MLBlog,and the link was on both posts.

It has been a great experience to write with rockiesatmosphere, as we have written many articles chronicling events within the Rockies, and the rest of MLB. As I said before, his love for the game as given him the want to have the opportunity to write about other teams, more than the Rockies News Blog has in the past. While he was a part of the Rockies News Blog rockiesatmosphere wrote some great stories, and will continue to, just on a different blog.

To read the new blog of rockiesatmosphere; the Around the Majors MLBlog, go to:

Thank you, rockiesatmosphere for all your great work on the Rockies News Blog!



One comment

  1. betty

    So sorry to see rockiesatmosphere go. Both xrockiestalk and rockiesatmosphere have been terrific. Thanks for a wonderful baseball year!!!
    Michigan fans of the blog

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